Hi, I’m Yanagihara Genki.

After graduating university in 2004, I moved to Tokyo to pursue my dream job. However, I was regularly forced to do close to 100 hours of overtime per month, whilst receiving payment for only 10. The employee’s rights were constantly neglected, and I was blamed relentlessly for trivial mistakes caused by mental and physical exhaustion. As much as I liked the job, the treatment of employees was terrible and often illegal, so after struggling through almost 4 years, I ended up resigning.

Hoping to draw attention to the case and encourage improvement for the conditions of remaining employees, I presented a request for unpaid wages to the Gifu District Court and after a year of courtroom negotiations, I successfully gained a settlement. Moreover, I found the legal knowledge gained through my personal experience could be used to help others in similar circumstances.

During this period, I started working at Hello-Work Gifu, where I supported job seekers with unemployment insurance and job training. I later moved to the Aichi Labour Department where I examined companies for abuse or misuse of government subsidies. In my time working for Public Services, I passed the strict National Examinations and became a specialist legal consultant for Social Insurance and Labour.


Any legal problems are welcome as various legal professionals are available here.
Costs; Conditions apply for the other professionals.

First 30 minutes of consultation is free for myself.
Interpretation services for 2500JPY/30mins.
Translation of legal documents is available from 25JPY/word.


*Gifu-North High School
*Mahurangi College in New Zealand
*Nagoya University of Foreign Studies; Major in International Business
*Coordinator for students studying abroad
*Counselor for job seekers at Hello-Work Gifu of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
*Examiner of subsidies at Aichi Labour Department of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare


Office Information

1-14-1 Kanou Shimizu-machi, Gifu-City, GIFU, JAPAN

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